About Us

Hrumachis XI Oasis is one of the oldest O.T.O. bodies that arouse in these areas, with it’s headquarters in Belgrade. The camp was already active by the beginning of the year 1990., subsequently following it’s official chartering by 1992. e.v.

This body is one of the first derived from O.T.O. Abrahadabra Lodge. The members were actively participating in all of the O.T.O. activities, as well as in the process of spreading Thelema in these areas.

After a period of active work, because of the unfortunate events that took place during the 90’s in Serbia, and the personal reasons, camp begins it’s process through Silence by the decision of the Camp Master. After a longer period of time, the camp is reactivated and we are again here, for the good of mankind and the purposes of the Order, to spread the Law of Thelema and the freedom of man in these areas.

We will endure in giving the various materials to the interested people, starting with the writtings of the Master Therion, accross the copyrighted texts of the O.T.O. members, as well as the other materials we find as the interesting ones, which ablate in the given thematic.

Hrumachis XI WebSite does not hold any other aim, but the expressing the source of the O.T.O. purposes in the coherence with the official documents of the Order, through spreading the Law of Thelema and the expression of the freedom of man.

All the man and woman who feel free and are of the mature age are invited to the sincere cooperation with the same purpose – spreading the Law of Thelema with the purpose of the development of the Brotherhood, Love and Tolerance among the people, no matter on their ancestry, sex, race, denomination or any other convinction.

In Belgrade,                                                                Master of HrumachisXI Oasis 



 Anno IVxiv – 2006. e.v.